Monday, January 3, 2011

"Papa, why do some 'don't knows' call you Grandpa?"

said my 5 year old son as we were pushing our luggage cart in the airport.  An airport worker thought he was being cute when he said to me, "Grandpa - that boy wants to push the cart by himself".   My son has learned through his 'stranger danger' safety DVD that people we don't know are called 'don't knows'.  This obviously wasn't the first time he had heard a 'don't know' refer to his Papa as 'Grandpa' - and since clocks tick forward,  it won't be the last.

How did I respond?   "Because your Papa really is old enough to be a Grandpa."

My question now is, "Why doesn't Kevin ever get the same question?"


  1. I love this story! Here's looking forward to many more great stories in the posts ahead.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Scott!


  2. perhaps it's because Kevin basked in the pure goodness of the good Lord's radiance, and that has slowed his aging process :) OR he's just a cutie who wont age :)