Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm just sayin'

Do you think there is any correlation to the Governor of the State of Illinois signing Civil Unions into law today and the fact that Chicago is expecting one of their worst snow storms - EVER?

Can we go ahead and get the news story out of the way that this is God's way of punishing Illinois?

All kidding aside - we do appreciate the gesture Illinois, but it's not exactly what we were hoping for.  I'm sure many people in Illinois (but not as many as you think) will take advantage of this new law and will get some specific legal rights and responsibilities that they want and deserve.  Citizens of Illinois who are in same-sex relationships and want to obtain those same Illinois rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual neighbors will be able to do so.  Or so they think.  The one right that isn't allowed is using the word 'marriage".  So when people say - "but it's the same thing" - they are wrong.   (and of course the Federal rights/responsibilities are not applicable)

It's just silly - and I don't mean to be disrespectful to the religious institutions that fought against using the word 'Marriage" - but it is.  (Well maybe I do mean to be disrespectful - since they have no problem being disrespectful to me.)

Remember the post on same-sex parenting that I said you knew was coming?  Same thing here.  You're probably wondering why it took me so long.  If you really take a minute to think about the government getting involved in anyone's "marriage" - it seems to be a direct violation of the right to privacy.  Governments should refer to it as a "contract". That's what it is.  Take the term "marriage license" out of it.  I won't repeat the standard lines about all the people who are currently able to get married - and probably shouldn't.  (Britney Spears, Newt Gingrich - for the third time,  etc...)  You get my drift.

Let religious institutions do what they want and determine who they will let partake in a "marriage" - but it's time to take the business of legal contracts out of their domain.

On a somewhat related note, don't get me started on the whole subject of weddings in general.  (This part will probably ruin Caden's chances of ever being a ring bearer again.)  Where do I start?  Engagement Rings?  Huh?  The male is expected to give a ring to the female to show that he wants to marry her.  Huh?  People really do this?  The whole ceremony thing?  The males generally stand at the front and wait for the females to come to them.  Huh?  Females - did you read what I just typed?  The females Dad "gives her away"?  Huh?  Females - did you read what I just typed?  I could go on - but once again - I think you get my drift.  How about after you sign the legal contract - take the money that would have gone to the ring and throw a big party - and of course invite your Dad (but don't let him give you away).  I told you to not let me get started.

I promise this is not my Ted Kaczynski manifesto - but like I said at the beginning...I'm just sayin'.

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