Thursday, January 20, 2011

A day late...

Old news by now - but still on my mind.  The U.S. House of Representatives voted yesterday to "repeal" the recently passed health care law.  Yes - they voted to repeal the entire thing.  No - they didn't provide their own solution to a problem.  Why would we expect that?  Wouldn't it at least been understandable if they looked at specific provisions in the bill and addressed those?  Give specifics (based on facts) and open the floor up for discussion.

It's comical - but serious at the same time.  I'm willing to guess that 93% of the people who are against the "Affordable Care Act" don't understand what is in it and the other 7% are mad that a black man became president.  (It's my blog - I get to come up with the percentages!)

They now say they will create committees to come up with a better plan.  Huh?  Didn't these guys have control of the White House and Congress for 6 years - and yet still provided nothing in the way of a credible solution to our growing health care problems?

If anyone should be mad - it should be those of us who wanted a single payer system.  We were the ones who lost this battle.  Opponents of the current plan love to call it 'government run health care'.  Ha!  I wish!

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