Saturday, April 19, 2014

It must be Spring

I guess it's time to bring out the rusty blogging pen after a good long rest.  Topics cross my mind everyday and I find myself saying, "I should put that down for someone to read".  I could proceed to vent about any number of things - but will choose the one most relevant at this time.


We went to our first "Seder" this week.  It was pretty eventful for us agnostic types.  I've long been fascinated by the Jewish culture and religion (or are they one and the same?).  We sat at the ritual feast prepared by our friends and took it all in as respectful observers.  Listening to the proceedings and being asked to participate in the readings was amazing to us since we were never made to feel like we should become Jewish after the evening or even share the same affinity for their history and belief system.  It was a simple act of being invited by friends to share in something that is important in their lives.  We couldn't help but leave feeling a little more educated about something we weren't completely familiar with along with knowing that our friends have just as much respect for our belief system as we do theirs (although they are probably going to be waiting a long time for a return visit to celebrate our "we don't know" culture).  One of the best parts of the evening was that Caden tried Matzo Ball Soup for the first time ever - and loved it (although he will deny it because he thinks I am now going to force him to eat soup).  He had question after question on the way home about all the things he didn't understand that occurred around the table.  I think watching the classic Charlton Heston version of "The Ten Commandments" will help answer some of his questions.

Explaining Easter is a little harder.  We obviously know what Easter represents to the Christian faith - but upon explaining it to Caden, his response was - "That's Freaky!"  Not a single question.  The standard "Happy Easter" takes on a more commercial role in our household - just as "Merry Christmas" does.  We try and explain to him that we are more into celebrating Spring and the renewal of all that occurs during that time.  As with most 8 year olds - he gladly celebrates eggs filled with candy - and if it took a story of a man named Jesus coming back to life to get us and TARGET to that celebration - he'll put up with it.   One day he will be the more mature one in our household and will insist that we stop using any wording that makes it appear as if we are in agreement with the stories associated with such words.

I think we can take a lesson from our Jewish friends and recognize that when we say "Happy Passover" to them - we are truly wishing them a good time as they celebrate something important to their family.  It doesn't mean I have to start liking gefilte fish.

and on a completely different note... I ended my last blog slamming the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act.  Yes - it was a very poor beginning - but by golly - I think they've got it - and it just might not be the end of our country after all (if you listen to the other side).

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to those of you participating in the revelry of any or all of them!