Thursday, November 8, 2012


That was one of Obama's campaign slogans.   I think it needs to apply to me now.  It's time to move beyond obsessing over the election - simply because it's over.  But it's over in a good way -  and for that I am grateful.

You know all of the incredible results so I won't re-hash them.  Instead I'll  simply post a pic of Caden.  In fact, I think this picture says what I'm feeling.

Higher, Higher, Higher!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Eve...

I'm back.  It's not like I really went anywhere - other than to "obsession land".  That's what's happened lately with me and this election.  It's become so engrossing that I wasn't able to continue writing about it (if that even makes sense).

On this night before the actual day that I've been waiting for for about the past two years, I give you a mantra.  Not one written by me - but one that sums up why I still believe Barack Obama should be re-elected.

But before I ask you to read it, I have a little story from the lips of my son about why he would vote for Obama.  It happened during a ride to school last week as we were carpooling with two neighborhood kids who happen to be in 2nd and 4th grade.  I asked all of them in the car, "what is more important - Election Day or Halloween?"  Thank goodness that two of them in the car said "election day".  I'll not name the one passenger who briefly thought Halloween was more important.  Anyway...the two older kids said they would like to vote for Obama and then stated that a couple of their friends said they would vote for Romney.  I asked if their friends gave them reasons why they would vote for Romney.  Their answer, "No".  The younger passenger in the car immediately piped up with, "I have a reason to vote for Obama - he thinks my Daddy and Papa should be able to get married!"

Yes - I was proud!

and on that note...please take the time to read this (or at least hit the high points).  It's written so much better than I could have ever done it.