Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Only 13 more to go

I'm a sappy kind of guy - but I never know what is going to bring on the sappiness.  I can name at least one thing that I'm not sappy about.  Going from pre-school to kindergarten does nothing to me emotionally.

I've heard more than several comments the last few weeks from parents regarding their heart strings being tugged by little "insert kid's name here" leaving pre-school to move on to kindergarten.  Maybe I'm immune to it because Caden's kindergarten classrooms are in the same building as his pre-school rooms.  I'm sure that moving from one building to another - that might even be a distance away from each other is more noticeable.  But come on people - it's really not that big of a deal.

I can see the move from middle school to high school being much more traumatic for me.  Knowing that this transition represents the four remaining years of having to make sure he is up and out the door by a certain time will surely cause a little more angst.

Pre-school to Kindergarten? - let's get this movie started.  Please - Now!

On another note...we're off to Black Butte Ranch in central Oregon with friends for the weekend.   Just because I said it's a "ranch" doesn't mean we're going to be branding cattle.  It's more like a big housing development/vacation spot with lakes, swimming pools, bike paths, horseback riding, etc...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

and yet again...

O.K. New York Times.  We get it.  You have a thing for our town - or someone on your staff does.  I assume it's a former Portlander who has figured out that the big city doesn't necessarily have the brightest lights (or that bright lights aren't even necessary).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healthy Marriages and Strong Families

The Family Research Council is a dangerous organization - but one that I agree with on one simple matter. They say they believe in "Healthy Marriages and Strong Families".  Duh!  Can you find anyone who doesn't believe that a healthy marriage and family are not good things.
The problem is that they want to define what a healthy marriage and strong family is.!

Notice the scene with the flooded house?  What the hell...?

Why are people still supporting organizations like this?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just stuff

I've been hesitating to blog about the fiasco represented by the GOP Presidential candidates.  Just way to much stuff to play with there.  I might refer to it as a fiasco - but in reality it's frightening.  The majority of the contenders - and most definitely the poll leaders of the group think that my family should not exist.  That's a deal breaker for me.  I can agree or disagree with you on how we think tax dollars should be spent or the level of our involvement in Libya/Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria...etc.  We can disagree on subsidies to farmers, oil companies, etc...  We can have rational discussions on the future of Social Security and Medicare.

All of that is pointless when you think my son should not be my son - or my partner should not be my partner.  At that point all I see is an Asshole - and nothing else matters.  I will work constantly to let others know what a horrible person Bachmann/Perry/Romney/Gingrich/Cain/Santorum are.  Am I missing anyone?  These people aren't interested in helping run the federal government.  They only care about making statements - and hurting families.

on a completely unrelated note...

Just thought you should know that this town has added another great Brewpub (type place) to the mix.  They don't actually make beer - but it has a little bit of that feel to it.  Very kid friendly - and the food is just as good - if not better - than our other favorite spot (Bridgeport).

Check out Brix Tavern if you get a chance.

and finally...Reason #78 why we live in Portland.
Last night at Kruger's Farm was perfect.  Great seeing old and new friends - with perfect music and weather thrown in the mix.  Tell me again what we were complaining about in April?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My own little Hodge-Podge

Just gonna throw out some random things here.  Do with them what you want...

We went to Texas in July.  Actually - South Texas - during one of their worst heat waves and droughts - EVER!  Going back to the place you grew up in always brings out emotions that provide mixed feelings.  I'm glad that Caden got to spend time with that side of his family.  He is loved and cherished - and that helps take a lot of the stickiness out of the air.  We saw my nephew in the local community theater production of "High School Musical".  Damn - I'm proud of that kid.  He actually called us to make sure we could get some one on one time with him while we were there.  Kinda put a lump in my throat.  Hey Tad - "Get your head in the game"!

Did you see the GOP Presidential candidates debate on Thursday night?  Each one of them said they would not accept a deal that would state - for every $10 in spending cuts - there would be $1 in revenue (in other words - some type of tax increase).  So let me get this straight - they would not be willing to come up with $1 for every $10 in budget cuts?  These people aren't interested in helping to run a government.  It's all about making statements to them.  Disgraceful!

Here's all you really need to know about Rick Perry - as he prepares to announce that he is joining the list of disgraceful candidates for President.

Here's another one - just in case you need it.

just sayin'...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rollin' on the river...

The Columbia River to be exact.  Perfect night in Portland.  I know I haven't given an update on the Texas trip - don't give will happen eventually.