Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Debate Hangover...

Why do I put myself through this?  This should have been an easy one to let slip by.  It was on Bloomberg for God's sake!  That channel is nowhere near CNN, ESPN, HGTV, or the Food Network.  How did I even find it?  Wait - it get's worse.  I even had it playing on all three televisions in the house - just to make sure I wouldn't miss anything - plus it was being taped on two of those televisions.  (Your question as to why a household of three people needs three televisions will have to wait for another post.)

A table full of empty suits and one skirt (all with nice hair though - except for Gingrich) should be enough to not warrant my attention.  No such luck.  They could all teach a class on how to LIE and DISTORT.  Romney can criticize Obama's healthcare plan with a lie about it affecting all people - when in fact it only affects the uninsured.  Once again people - if you like your current insurance plan and physician, you can keep it!  Those who want to say that their healthcare premiums rose because of attention.  Your insurance company wants you to think that but your rates have been going up each year since way before Obama got involved.  They would have gone up again without this healthcare bill.  Ours went up at just about the same percentage as it did in the past 5 years.  But keep believing those letters you get in the mail if it makes you feel better.  Facts are never fun.  And the bit about "tax increases" since Obama took office.  Really?  Where and on whom?  Once again - Facts people.  Deal with them.

Did anyone else catch the line from Santorum about wanting a "war with China"?  Of course he was talking about a "trade" war - but come on Rick - do you really think that is a wise thing to say?  I'm sure Donald Trump liked it though.

I know I'm supposed to pile on to Rick Perry - but it's just too easy.  Not even going to go into specifics about his debate performance.  He looks like a Ken doll up there - and that's all he's got.  Oh - other than blaming Obama for everything that's ever happened in the history of the Universe.  One quick mention about the Christian/Mormon/Cult/Robert Jeffress flap.  Are we really surprised that a Baptist minister believes that Mormonism is a cult?  No.  Do we also believe that Rick Perry did not know that this man was going to bring this issue up?  Another No!  Of course he knew it - and loved it!  As for whether I believe it's a cult...I pretty much believe that they both are...but I won't digress.

Perhaps the favorite moment from last night to me didn't occur actually until today.  Herman Cain (worth his own future post) mentioned his great economics adviser.  Rich Lowrie.  Who?  Exactly what I was thinking.  He is a Wells Fargo branch employee with some volunteer advisor hours under his belt with some conservative groups.  I drove glass bottom boats one summer almost 35 years ago.  That doesn't make me a ship's captain.|+OTB%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

I was looking forward to Glee afterwards - but it wasn't on.  And I didn't think it could have gotten any worse.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More scary people

Joel Osteen and his wife (Victoria/Vickie/whatever) were on Piers Morgan tonight.  This man somehow manages to draw thousands to his "church" on Sunday mornings.  Are people so desperate for some type of spiritual connection that they will resort to these caricatures?

I think their fake smiles have some type of telekinetic power that is transferred through the television screen and forces people to watch them.  It worked with me because I wasted almost an hour of my life watching and listening.
Surprisingly, they said they would attend a same-sex wedding if they were invited as a show of "respect".  Of course they also said it's a "sin".  So let me get this straight (no pun intended).  They think a same-sex relationship is a "sin" but they would go to a same-sex wedding as a show of "respect".

Do these people listen to what comes out of their mouths?  They are incoherent.  Come on people - believe in something - or don't.