Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More scary people

Joel Osteen and his wife (Victoria/Vickie/whatever) were on Piers Morgan tonight.  This man somehow manages to draw thousands to his "church" on Sunday mornings.  Are people so desperate for some type of spiritual connection that they will resort to these caricatures?

I think their fake smiles have some type of telekinetic power that is transferred through the television screen and forces people to watch them.  It worked with me because I wasted almost an hour of my life watching and listening.
Surprisingly, they said they would attend a same-sex wedding if they were invited as a show of "respect".  Of course they also said it's a "sin".  So let me get this straight (no pun intended).  They think a same-sex relationship is a "sin" but they would go to a same-sex wedding as a show of "respect".

Do these people listen to what comes out of their mouths?  They are incoherent.  Come on people - believe in something - or don't.

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