Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boehner Math

Hey John...before telling the entire country that you have a plan to solve the debt ceiling crisis - make sure you use a calculator.  Most cell phones have them these days.

Congressional scorekeepers (the ones who actually use calculators) have now told the tan man that his numbers don't add up - thus not even allowing the U.S. House of Reps to vote on his plan.  Could he look any more pathetic?  Are any adults present on his side of the aisle?

They are so obsessed with the "no higher taxes on American families" mantra that they have forgotten that someone in D.C. is actually employed to review their numbers.  I won't rehash their long standing efforts to convince half of the American public that raising taxes minimally on those people making $250,000 and up means that all of Americans will see their taxes raised - because they have already been incredibly successful doing that on their own.  Jeez - people - pay attention!  Oops - went off on that tangent again.

On a non Boehner related note, we returned from a quick trip to Texas this weekend.  More on that later this week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headin' to Texas

It's a long way to go for a quick three night visit - but my nephew has the lead role (Troy) in a community theater production of High School Musical.

Caden is excited about the fact that "Troy" wears a basketball uniform for part of the performance.  I think the heat will get his attention first.

Good luck Tad - and "Keep your head in the game"!

DOMA Hearings

I would love to be able to watch this morning on C-Span - but Caden has decided this is the morning we need to be blaring Holiday music throughout the house.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh how we forget...

That damn Obama, keeping tax rates so high.  It's just unheard of.

Technical Look at Tax Rates (1913-Present)
click for larger chart

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The constant mantra (that's one of my favorite words) by Republicans about "taxes" being "job killing" is driving me batty.  You'll notice that they never actually give you a demonstration where they bring out a calculator and use actual numbers to show how the supposed higher taxes will affect the ones being taxed.

I won't get into the weeds about how the tax rates are the lowest they have been in many years - or how the taxes being discussed will only affect the wealthy.  Yes - they will pay a minimal higher percentage than what they are currently paying - but only above a specific amount of income or profits.  Trust me - they won't have to cut down on Starbucks latte's on a weekly basis - nor will they have to reduce their standard of living.  I doubt that many of the three people who read this blog will be affected by any means with Obama's proposals.

CNN has a simple article that addresses what Obama is trying to accomplish.  Sounds reasonable to me.  None of the affected will need to sell their third home in order to keep their kids in boarding school.  If they choose to layoff their landscaping crew - it should be because they want to get some exercise and not for the false premise of not being able to afford it.


I know that the word "tax" carries the burden of fear along with it - but if someone is going to be scared, be scared of something like Boehner/Cantor/Bachmann/Palin/Santorum...etc...  Letting politicians prey on people's unfounded fears is what's frightening.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Year

It must be July 11th.  That's the day when people throw out the obligatory birthday wishes to me.  This 52nd one was different for some unknown reason.  The 50th birthday was a non-event mentally and emotionally.  I think we are told by society that the big 50 is so traumatic that anything other than an earthquake on that day makes the reality of it quite subdued.

I've been doing too much thinking lately - about stupid stuff.  My latest thought obsession is thinking about being 98 years old and Caden being 52.  I do expect to live to 98 - since at this time nothing is telling me I shouldn't.  Caden will be the only child of parents who are 98 and 96.  Will he finally be saying, "Damn...why didn't they have more kids so I don't have to take this responsibility on alone"?  Yes - it's absurd for me to be thinking about this now - but it's my blog - as I've mentioned in the past.

You'll notice that I'm not worried about growing old myself - but how it will affect Caden's view of me.  Will he resent us or will he look at it as an honor.  Ha!  I'm hoping for something in between.

In fact I don't even know why I'm concerned about this since he has made clear to us that he is never going to leave home.  Potential problem solved!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reason #78

It's just another Portland experience that we love and continues to confirm why we live here.  Thursday nights at Kruger's Farm with great friends, food, and music (in that order).

Maybe the 65 degree temperature kept a huge crowd away - but that's what made it so great.  Sun and a cool breeze make for the perfect setting.

Even Farmer Bob wasn't even that annoying.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony

I just don't care - but since I'm a news junkie, I'm forced to observe the Anthony family train wreck.  If you ever think your family is dysfunctional - it isn't.  The Casey family is!

Here's my take.  White toddler girl goes missing and is eventually found dead.  White single mom of more than questionable character doesn't react the way society expects.  Mom becomes prime suspect.  Three years pass before mom goes on trial.  That's enough time to turn her into whatever we want her to represent.

Jury of 12 citizens (not attorneys/not media) listens to months of testimony and evidence from both sides and are told to determine whether mom is guilty of murder (beyond a reasonable doubt).  Twelve strangers picked off the street (sort of) say they cannot make that specific statement.  They heard more than they could possibly digest - and certainly more than I heard.  I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and agree that they made the best decision they could - with the information they had in front of them.

Not guilty is not the same as innocent.  They weren't asked to determine innocence.

Now can someone in the media force us to observe all of the  non-white children that are missing?