Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony

I just don't care - but since I'm a news junkie, I'm forced to observe the Anthony family train wreck.  If you ever think your family is dysfunctional - it isn't.  The Casey family is!

Here's my take.  White toddler girl goes missing and is eventually found dead.  White single mom of more than questionable character doesn't react the way society expects.  Mom becomes prime suspect.  Three years pass before mom goes on trial.  That's enough time to turn her into whatever we want her to represent.

Jury of 12 citizens (not attorneys/not media) listens to months of testimony and evidence from both sides and are told to determine whether mom is guilty of murder (beyond a reasonable doubt).  Twelve strangers picked off the street (sort of) say they cannot make that specific statement.  They heard more than they could possibly digest - and certainly more than I heard.  I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and agree that they made the best decision they could - with the information they had in front of them.

Not guilty is not the same as innocent.  They weren't asked to determine innocence.

Now can someone in the media force us to observe all of the  non-white children that are missing?

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