Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Year

It must be July 11th.  That's the day when people throw out the obligatory birthday wishes to me.  This 52nd one was different for some unknown reason.  The 50th birthday was a non-event mentally and emotionally.  I think we are told by society that the big 50 is so traumatic that anything other than an earthquake on that day makes the reality of it quite subdued.

I've been doing too much thinking lately - about stupid stuff.  My latest thought obsession is thinking about being 98 years old and Caden being 52.  I do expect to live to 98 - since at this time nothing is telling me I shouldn't.  Caden will be the only child of parents who are 98 and 96.  Will he finally be saying, "Damn...why didn't they have more kids so I don't have to take this responsibility on alone"?  Yes - it's absurd for me to be thinking about this now - but it's my blog - as I've mentioned in the past.

You'll notice that I'm not worried about growing old myself - but how it will affect Caden's view of me.  Will he resent us or will he look at it as an honor.  Ha!  I'm hoping for something in between.

In fact I don't even know why I'm concerned about this since he has made clear to us that he is never going to leave home.  Potential problem solved!

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