Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes - I'm watching the Academy Awards and don't mind admitting it.  My two other guys are at a movie and I have the entire house to myself - except for Kona.  Oddly, she's not that interested in watching.

We are still recouping from a week in Jackson Hole with great friends and family while enjoying the best mountains in the country.

Today we had a visitor from Philadelphia with his 4 year old daughter stop by our house .  They are applying for admission to the same school that Caden attends and were in town for part of the process.  The school gave them my name as a person who can give them a sense of what the school "community" is like.  I hope that by inviting a few other families over with all of their kids helped give them an idea of what our little "community" is like.  If they withdraw their application - maybe the school should reevaluate the idea of handing out my contact info to prospective applicants.

Back to the Academy Awards...still haven't seen Hugo but obviously someone liked it.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snowed in

That's what happens in this neck of the woods on occassion.  Flights that need to take you home aren't necessarily always able to make it in and thus the backup of travelers begins.  Unfortunately, the airline can't get us out until tomorrow instead of yesterday.  Fortunately, Caden says his Wizard's spell worked and our flight was cancelled.  He lucked out with another day of ski school.  Only negative is that his cousins left today.

I hope to watch the Repugligant debate tonight.  It's been a while since that comedy has been on.  I'm glad they have a new episode.   Only 4 left on the stage and they are each "special" in their own right.  It will be interesting to see if the Santorum surge continues.  Lordy - I hope so!

I'll just leave you with this one pic.  It's his new favorite way of skiing.  Yes - Backwards!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Days

We find ourselves hitting the slopes for 5 days in Jackson Hole with a son who has decided that he could ski every day for the rest of his life and be totally content.  The idea sounds great to a 6 year old and at that age the realities of life haven't set in.  Boy - is he in for a let down.

Have I mentioned that I hate it when people make the comments about "kids growing up so fast"?  I know I have - look back and you'll probably find it.  BUT - it's true.  I was watching him do things on skis that scared the daylights out of me and he had a confidence that I've never even seen in myself - on anything!  Here comes the line I really hate..."It seems like just yesterday" he was hesitant to even walk on the snow - much less going over metal railings in the terrain park area of the mountain.

Since I've made it clear that this blog is really for Caden to read years from now to see what was going on in his Papa's mind...please know that his Papa was unbelievably proud of him.

For those of you who think I mention my son too much on this here blog...if only you would have seen him, you would know why he was worth another post.

Oh - did I also mention that he thinks it's cool that he can go down a "black diamond" and his Papa can't (or won't)?

It's back to home tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sun to Snow

I had my first visit to Santa Barbara last weekend.  Is there such a thing as computer generated weather?  Seriously, I almost spit out my food when I heard a lady at a table next to me state she was going to Palm Springs next week because the weather there was so good.  Really lady?  You live in the perfect climate and you are seeking even better?  Greedy is what I call it.

Heading to Jackson Hole tomorrow for a slightly different climate.  I probably won't get the same picture of me in front of a lemon tree that I managed in Santa Barbara.

Not that I like to give endorsements on this here blog - but this one is worth it.  If you get a chance to experience San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito (just up the street from Oprah's house), please don't turn it down.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not as long of a wait...

I can't let the several month hiatus happen again.

It's time for a few more ramblings...

Newt Gingrich thinks he can come in second in the delegate count to Mitt Romney and get to the convention this summer  and then say something along the lines of, "See - I told you that Mitt Romney wouldn't be your choice"...or something like that.  I know - it doesn't make sense to me either - but I'm pulling for him because I want to keep writing about this fiasco.

Obama has declared "war" on the Catholic Church.  At least that's according to the aforementioned Newt and Rick Santorum.  I love how people who have never actually been in a war get to throw the term around so freely.  Anyway - best as I can tell - it's all because of the Affordable Health Care Act that tells insurance companies that they have to fulfill certain requirements in their coverages.  One of those is "contraception".  Catholic institutions are saying that since contraception is against their church's teachings, that they should get an exception on this.  Obama disagreed.  Thus we have a "War".  Of course the Catholic institutions leave out the part that Obama is not requiring everyone to use contraception.  Why are the institutions so concerned?  Surely all practicing Catholics aren't using any form of contraception to begin with since it's against church teachings - so what are they worried about?  No one will be taking advantage of the discounted birth control pills anyway.  Oh wait a minute...never mind.

Portlandia.  Add it to the list of things I was wrong about.  I knew it would never take off nationally.  Oops!

Super Bowl.  OK folks, I really do like watching football.  I just don't like it when people call the Super Bowl victors "World Champions".  Uh - how do we spell "arrogance"?  U.S.A.!

That's all for today.  Oh - did I mention that I'm off to  Santa Barbara this coming weekend?