Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes - I'm watching the Academy Awards and don't mind admitting it.  My two other guys are at a movie and I have the entire house to myself - except for Kona.  Oddly, she's not that interested in watching.

We are still recouping from a week in Jackson Hole with great friends and family while enjoying the best mountains in the country.

Today we had a visitor from Philadelphia with his 4 year old daughter stop by our house .  They are applying for admission to the same school that Caden attends and were in town for part of the process.  The school gave them my name as a person who can give them a sense of what the school "community" is like.  I hope that by inviting a few other families over with all of their kids helped give them an idea of what our little "community" is like.  If they withdraw their application - maybe the school should reevaluate the idea of handing out my contact info to prospective applicants.

Back to the Academy Awards...still haven't seen Hugo but obviously someone liked it.


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