Monday, February 6, 2012

Not as long of a wait...

I can't let the several month hiatus happen again.

It's time for a few more ramblings...

Newt Gingrich thinks he can come in second in the delegate count to Mitt Romney and get to the convention this summer  and then say something along the lines of, "See - I told you that Mitt Romney wouldn't be your choice"...or something like that.  I know - it doesn't make sense to me either - but I'm pulling for him because I want to keep writing about this fiasco.

Obama has declared "war" on the Catholic Church.  At least that's according to the aforementioned Newt and Rick Santorum.  I love how people who have never actually been in a war get to throw the term around so freely.  Anyway - best as I can tell - it's all because of the Affordable Health Care Act that tells insurance companies that they have to fulfill certain requirements in their coverages.  One of those is "contraception".  Catholic institutions are saying that since contraception is against their church's teachings, that they should get an exception on this.  Obama disagreed.  Thus we have a "War".  Of course the Catholic institutions leave out the part that Obama is not requiring everyone to use contraception.  Why are the institutions so concerned?  Surely all practicing Catholics aren't using any form of contraception to begin with since it's against church teachings - so what are they worried about?  No one will be taking advantage of the discounted birth control pills anyway.  Oh wait a minute...never mind.

Portlandia.  Add it to the list of things I was wrong about.  I knew it would never take off nationally.  Oops!

Super Bowl.  OK folks, I really do like watching football.  I just don't like it when people call the Super Bowl victors "World Champions".  Uh - how do we spell "arrogance"?  U.S.A.!

That's all for today.  Oh - did I mention that I'm off to  Santa Barbara this coming weekend?

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