Thursday, January 26, 2012


That's me - at least as far as this blog has been going lately.  Actually, it hasn't been going at all.  Sorry about that for those of you who check it each day to see the brilliant prose that appears on your screen.

OK - back to reality...

So much to say and so little time - before I have to go to Target.  Remember those days when I was so sure that Rick Perry was the automatic shoo-in for the Republican nomination?  Yes - I thought he was a buffoon and was also excited that he would be the nominee - because the entire country would get to see his "buffoon-ness".  Oops...that's the problem.  The entire country caught on to him and decided not to buy into it.

But then along came Newt - again.  Yes - I wrote him off (as many others did) - but he has arisen.  It's really quite simple.  He gets to play "angry" - and people LOVE "angry".  He doesn't even have to be coherent - just sound mad and indignant when someone asks you about one of your three marriages and crowds will eat it up.  You see - many people would rather have a thrice married/serial adulterer in a position of power - than a Mormon.  That stat will never appear in any polls because most people would deny it - but it's there - trust me.

One problem Newt - (well actually I have a lot with him, but here's just one).  It's a brand new idea and deserves all caps.  SPACE COLONY BY 2020!  Yes - that's the latest from Newt.  The "anti-big government/stop the spending mantra seems to have gone by the wayside on this idea.  Of course all I can think when I hear it is "big government program that will cost gazillions of dollars" - and of course doesn't come with a way to pay for it.

Newt doesn't consider that a problem - because the people he is playing to don't care.  They just want him to sound angry and don't want to concern themselves with what he actually says.  

As Kevin likes to say to me, "It's all in your tone".

and now for a completely unrelated picture...I promise he was attached to a rope (or at least I think he was.

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