Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snowed in

That's what happens in this neck of the woods on occassion.  Flights that need to take you home aren't necessarily always able to make it in and thus the backup of travelers begins.  Unfortunately, the airline can't get us out until tomorrow instead of yesterday.  Fortunately, Caden says his Wizard's spell worked and our flight was cancelled.  He lucked out with another day of ski school.  Only negative is that his cousins left today.

I hope to watch the Repugligant debate tonight.  It's been a while since that comedy has been on.  I'm glad they have a new episode.   Only 4 left on the stage and they are each "special" in their own right.  It will be interesting to see if the Santorum surge continues.  Lordy - I hope so!

I'll just leave you with this one pic.  It's his new favorite way of skiing.  Yes - Backwards!


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    1. Isn't he great?!!! and this grandmother is not a bit surprised...keep it up, Caden. I am so proud of everything you do!!! Just wish we lived closer...

      Must comment on Papas blogss...
      You, my son are quite erudite (look it up, I had to )in expressing your opinions, which I love ..tho may not always agree just so proud you have a mind that says what you think without being offensive.. you are fearless and it takes me back to when you were little...
      and what a joy you were....and yes , still are..