Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Only 13 more to go

I'm a sappy kind of guy - but I never know what is going to bring on the sappiness.  I can name at least one thing that I'm not sappy about.  Going from pre-school to kindergarten does nothing to me emotionally.

I've heard more than several comments the last few weeks from parents regarding their heart strings being tugged by little "insert kid's name here" leaving pre-school to move on to kindergarten.  Maybe I'm immune to it because Caden's kindergarten classrooms are in the same building as his pre-school rooms.  I'm sure that moving from one building to another - that might even be a distance away from each other is more noticeable.  But come on people - it's really not that big of a deal.

I can see the move from middle school to high school being much more traumatic for me.  Knowing that this transition represents the four remaining years of having to make sure he is up and out the door by a certain time will surely cause a little more angst.

Pre-school to Kindergarten? - let's get this movie started.  Please - Now!

On another note...we're off to Black Butte Ranch in central Oregon with friends for the weekend.   Just because I said it's a "ranch" doesn't mean we're going to be branding cattle.  It's more like a big housing development/vacation spot with lakes, swimming pools, bike paths, horseback riding, etc...

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