Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Labor Day - Pre First Day of Kindergarten

Not that they are related or anything...just thought it made for a title that was more than three words.

We spent the Labor Day weekend in Black Butte (the "ranch" I mentioned previously).  Great weather, setting, views, food, hiking, biking, swimming, and friends.  I think I would have to say it was the perfect long weekend - especially since our hosts did all of the cooking.  Thanks again hosts!

Do you think Rick Perry is still wanting Texas to secede from the U.S.?  I'm sure he'll be happy to accept any support he can get from that horrible federal government to assist with all of the problems created by the incredible wildfires in his state right now.  I guess he forgot to pray away any upcoming fires in his recent prayer rally.  (in fact one of the reasons for the rally was to pray for rain).  uh - Hello?  Shouldn't this tell him something?

Kindergarten starts on Thursday.  'bout time!

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