Saturday, August 13, 2011

My own little Hodge-Podge

Just gonna throw out some random things here.  Do with them what you want...

We went to Texas in July.  Actually - South Texas - during one of their worst heat waves and droughts - EVER!  Going back to the place you grew up in always brings out emotions that provide mixed feelings.  I'm glad that Caden got to spend time with that side of his family.  He is loved and cherished - and that helps take a lot of the stickiness out of the air.  We saw my nephew in the local community theater production of "High School Musical".  Damn - I'm proud of that kid.  He actually called us to make sure we could get some one on one time with him while we were there.  Kinda put a lump in my throat.  Hey Tad - "Get your head in the game"!

Did you see the GOP Presidential candidates debate on Thursday night?  Each one of them said they would not accept a deal that would state - for every $10 in spending cuts - there would be $1 in revenue (in other words - some type of tax increase).  So let me get this straight - they would not be willing to come up with $1 for every $10 in budget cuts?  These people aren't interested in helping to run a government.  It's all about making statements to them.  Disgraceful!

Here's all you really need to know about Rick Perry - as he prepares to announce that he is joining the list of disgraceful candidates for President.

Here's another one - just in case you need it.

just sayin'...

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