Friday, August 19, 2011

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I've been hesitating to blog about the fiasco represented by the GOP Presidential candidates.  Just way to much stuff to play with there.  I might refer to it as a fiasco - but in reality it's frightening.  The majority of the contenders - and most definitely the poll leaders of the group think that my family should not exist.  That's a deal breaker for me.  I can agree or disagree with you on how we think tax dollars should be spent or the level of our involvement in Libya/Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria...etc.  We can disagree on subsidies to farmers, oil companies, etc...  We can have rational discussions on the future of Social Security and Medicare.

All of that is pointless when you think my son should not be my son - or my partner should not be my partner.  At that point all I see is an Asshole - and nothing else matters.  I will work constantly to let others know what a horrible person Bachmann/Perry/Romney/Gingrich/Cain/Santorum are.  Am I missing anyone?  These people aren't interested in helping run the federal government.  They only care about making statements - and hurting families.

on a completely unrelated note...

Just thought you should know that this town has added another great Brewpub (type place) to the mix.  They don't actually make beer - but it has a little bit of that feel to it.  Very kid friendly - and the food is just as good - if not better - than our other favorite spot (Bridgeport).

Check out Brix Tavern if you get a chance.

and finally...Reason #78 why we live in Portland.
Last night at Kruger's Farm was perfect.  Great seeing old and new friends - with perfect music and weather thrown in the mix.  Tell me again what we were complaining about in April?

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