Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dog Tale

If you promise a 3 year old kid that he can get a dog when he turns 5 - he won't forget.  When we said he could have a dog at 5 - I was thinking sometime during the year between his 5th and 6th birthdays.  That's not how he heard it.  I'm surprised now that he didn't wake up on the morning of December 18th and say, "Where's my dog?"  My main reason for wanting to wait is because I didn't want to be taking a puppy out in the rain during the middle of the night to do her business.  I know - a lame excuse.
I guess I should also be cursing Google because they make it so easy for a local breeder to appear on the computer screen with her phone number in bold.  Couldn't she have taken January 1st off instead of answering right away and insisting that we drive the half hour to her house?
I knew it was a done deal before we even crossed the river from Portland over into Washington state.

Shouldn't there be a state law against transferring a 9 week old puppy across state lines?  I guess if there isn't one forbidding two men transferring a 10 day old baby boy from Nevada to Oregon - I can't expect one for a dog.

Now that all is said and done - this is second best baby we've adopted.  (even if it means standing in the rain while begging her to pee)


  1. their memories scare me sometimes...also keep me in check.
    thank goodness for lenient state laws! xo t