Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not a reflection of the entire Navy, but...

Did he really think this would help boost morale?  You have heard the headlines the past two days about the Naval Commander who thought it was oh so hip to make videos to cheer up the troops on ship while deployed out to sea.  Nothing wrong with wanting to break up the monotony of ship board life - but does it really need to involve scenes of women in the shower and gay bashing?  How does that boost morale?  Had he not considered having a talent show or organizing a chess tournament?  Does he not remember  Tailhook?  (Google it if you are 40 or younger.)

What an idiot!  His punishment involves removing him from command of the ship.  I'm sure his family is disappointed.  He will now have a plum desk assignment and will actually make it home in time for dinner every night.  I've heard nothing about a reduction in rank or loss of pay - but I might have missed something.

He sounds like a character from 'Mad Men', except this didn't happen in the 1960's.  It was only 5 years ago.    His supporters say what he did was no different from what you see on Saturday Night Live.  Really?  I guess I missed the SNL episode with the gay bashing in it.

Maybe heterosexuals should be banned from the military.  They seem to be the ones causing the problems.

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