Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday evening randomness...

If a Muslim-American put a map on the internet showing the location of 20 politicians with cross-hairs and one of them got shot - the Right would be calling him a terrorist.  When an American who calls herself 'Christian' puts a map on the internet showing the same thing and says we need to 'reload', and one of the 20 politicians (along with other innocent victims) gets shot - we just have to put up with her.

Handguns - Why?  I am not the only person in this country who grew up with the allure of guns as part of culture.  My family were all hunters - and we actually ate the animals that we killed.  (confession here - I really do miss fried backstrap (deer) on occasion).  I have killed a deer and turkey with a rifle as a young boy.  Not proud or ashamed of it - it's just something that we did - with parental supervision.  What I cannot understand is the need for handguns and the ease in which people can get them.  Arizona has one of the most liberal (and ridiculous) gun ownership laws in our country today.  I won't go into the arguments for or against handgun ownership.  We all know what they are.  I just don't believe that the arguments for handgun ownership are based in current reality.

The Arizona shooter is a crazy man.  We have to stop making it easy for crazies to have access to handguns.  We also have to call out the politicians and pundits who provide the rhetoric that fuels the crazy element in our country.  Let's start with calling out Sarah Palin.

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  1. Clarence Dupnik summed it up best: "The problem would seem to rest with the political leaders who pander to the margins of the margins, employing whatever words seem likely to win them contributions or TV time with little regard for the consequences."