Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dig Boy Dig

Give a boy (or girl) a shovel and put him (or her) in your backyard (unattended) and don't act surprised when you have a 3 foot hole in a place where you really didn't need a 3 foot hole.

He's such an Oregon kid.  He informed us that it will be used for compost.  Yes - compost.  That's a word that had not entered my vocabulary until setting up home in Portland.  Yes - I knew the word - just never had reason to use it.  It was something that "hippies" had in their vocabulary.  I've mastered the use of the word "recycle" - but "compost" is a different level.

I tried explaining that I would prefer that the compost be in some type of container instead of just sitting in a big hole in the ground.  Our neighborhood coyotes (yes - we have coyotes) are probably voting with him.  He informed me that all of the leftover food would be good for the dirt and worms and we would just be wasting something else if we used a container.

I told you he was an Oregon kid - and I couldn't be prouder!

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