Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

I'm one of those people who love to make fun of Facebook and the millions of people who feel the need to express every movement they make to their so called "friends".  Of course the way I know you are expressing every movement you make is because I read every post you write.  

Who is more pathetic?  I'll go with the person who says they are so non-Facebook but still has to read your posts daily.

I resisted the allure of Facebook for a long time.  Kevin joined first.  I laughed each time he got a new 'friend" - especially the ones he wouldn't know if they showed up at our front door.  At the same time, I would begin to follow these strangers lives as if I were watching a soap opera.  "Who is going to lunch with Katrina today?  Is her daughter not feeling well again?"  "Why is Barb in France when she said she was not planning to go until September?"  "Will Rob's plane take off on time tonight?"

And mind you - I was doing this while reading Kevin's FB account (with his knowledge of course).  I didn't even have my own.  I finally broke down and registered my own account.  Sadly - I find myself getting more enjoyment (voyeurism) out of following Kevin's 'friends' lives than those of my own 'friends'. 

I promise to not make this blog another version of Facebook posts. I will never tell you what I had for lunch.


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