Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect night

We had a great time last night  at Kruger's Farm.  It's been a favorite of ours for the past few years and each time we go it reaffirms our love for this part of the country.  You can actually spend a late June evening outside with a perfect temperature and listen to great music while your kid runs around in the middle of a farm with good friends.  No heat - no humidity - no mosquitos!

I'm always surprised that more people don't show up.  Maybe I should stop advertising it.

On another note...I haven't posted on what's happening in New York regarding same-sex marriage because I'm still waiting to see what happens and it's very frustrating to watch and wait.  We had a similar thing happen a few years ago regarding civil unions here in Oregon.  One individual in the Oregon House of Rep's held up the vote.  We had the overall votes - but she wouldn't let it come to a vote.  Pathetic.  Thank goodness she eventually left.  Yes - Oregon now has civil unions - which don't really amount to much when you get right down to it.  New York is in the same situation.  One committee chairman gets to determine if the vote can even take place in the Senate.  Of course this person won't be affected by same-sex marriage at all - but he sure likes the power he has over other people's lives now.  Maybe by the end of the day - he'll come around.  I'll be back to comment if he does.

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