Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's just a shirt

I'm sorry Caden.  Oh - you'll get an in person apology when I pick you up from school but thought I might as well say it here first - to make me feel a little better.

This morning you wanted to wear a football jersey to school.  I said "No" because you wore the same shirt two days ago.  The morning didn't go as planned after that.  Tears and yelling ensued - from both of us.  It was pathetic and all my fault.

We could go deep into therapy to get to the bottom of this but suffice it to was my issue...not yours. My lord - I didn't want you wearing a shirt because you had worn it two days prior - and it was clean!  What was that all about?  I don't know - although I think I dug my heels in once I said the initial "No" and was just determined that you weren't going to "win".  That's maturity at it's finest.

Your school doesn't even have a dress code (Thank Goodness).  They only ask that your clothes be clean and not ripped to shreds.  We have that covered.

I normally let you pick out your clothes and you do a fine job.  I'll keep reminding myself of that.

Again - I'm sorry for being an ass about what shirt you wanted to wear today.  I'll make sure you wear it tomorrow - but only if you want to.

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