Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An early breakout

I didn't think we would have this issue for another 8 years or so - but Caden found a way to be an overachiever.

When we were putting in new windows in our basement last year, I remember commenting that they will be perfect for a 13 year old boy to sneak out of at night.  I specifically said "13" and not "5".  I even made sure that he wasn't around when I said it so I wouldn't be giving him ideas.  He obviously came up with the idea on his own.

To be fair - it wasn't even dark outside and he told us that he only did it as a shortcut to the backyard.  The screen in the window is difficult for me to remove.  He obviously didn't need any help getting it out.

I know that even without our lecture that immediately ensued, a pilot light has been ignited in his brain that will be fully flaming as the years move on and he feels the need to make a stealth exit.

His "shortcut to the backyard" excuse won't be as effective in the future.

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