Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our doomed society

New York's Catholic Archbishop, Timothy M. Dolan did not have one of his happier Sunday's today.  He says he is "weary".  Oh - the poor man.  All that prayer - and he still came out on the losing end in the same-sex marriage battle.

He also said "I think society and culture is at it's peril".  Really Tim?  Society and Culture is at it's peril?  That's pretty harsh.  Why didn't he just say "the locusts are on their way"?  This is a man who goes to work in a robe and thinks a healthy "society" is one in which women aren't considered equals - so of course he can't allow equality for us gay folk.

Of course he says things like this and not one person that follows him stands up to his face and says, "Shut the Fuck Up - you are embarrassing us and we don't agree with you".

Maybe his God did answer his prayers - just with an answer he wasn't expecting.

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