Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ER Visit

Not for Caden though.  Kona had her first emergency room visit tonight.  Oh what the "Google" can make us do.  A small box of raisins left on Caden's floor was discovered by the dog.  She didn't look at them and say "I don't like raisins".  No - she thought they went down fairly well.  The problem can occur after dogs eat said raisins.  Suffice it to say - she has now experienced forced vomiting.  $150 later she arrived home safe and sound.

Trying to calm Caden's concern as to why Daddy had to rush his dog to the vet at 8 PM, his immediate response was a little colder than I expected.
"If she dies, can we get another dog?"

Glad all has turned out well since I wasn't interested in getting another dog.

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