Monday, May 16, 2011

Follow The Leader

No lie!  The Vatican actually sent out a letter telling their bishops that sexual abuse is not a good thing.  Who knew?  I love the part where they tell them that "sexual abuse of minors is not just a canonical delict but also a crime prosecuted by civil law".  I swear it actually says that.  "Canonical delict"?  Oh no - not the dreaded Canonical delict.  Anyway -  I've read numerous reports in an attempt to find something about this letter that actually makes sense.  No such luck

It is 2011 and the big wigs of the Catholic Church feels it is necessary to tell its' employees that sexual abuse of minors is against the law and they should tell someone besides themselves about the abuse, like the police.  Is it just me or does this seem like something you would read as a spoof in The Onion?  I mean seriously, it makes the bishops seem like dunces that need to be told something that everyone already knows is the no brainer thing to do. The bishops that are being treated like ignorant children are the same ones that are revered as the wise leaders of the Catholic church.   I just hope that the Bishops (and Catholics in general) are embarrassed and insulted upon reading this remedial letter from the Vatican.

To me this is indicative of the overall problem of most organized religions -  the leaders feel the need to tell followers what is right and wrong, even on something as basic as this -Can you say "Cultish"?  

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