Monday, May 9, 2011

Even more randomness...

She won't let us take her picture while wearing the cone.  She is the dog - Kona.  The cone is the one all dogs get to wear after having the "procedure".  You know about the "procedure".  It's the one we make her have to guarantee that this house stays "mom-free".  Besides the indignity of ridding her of the necessary reproductive parts, she now gets to wobble around in that time-honored laugh inducing plastic shield.  Has there ever been a simpler way of getting your kicks than watching a poor dog who is still in a half-stupor try to make her way throughout the house?  I haven't found one.

I am the class representative to the Parent Faculty Association for Caden's upcoming kindergarten class.  Actually, I'm one of two.  We get to organize parent and class activities throughout the year.  It's just like Student Council - but for adults.  I was very active in Student Council in high school - when it meant kids were led to believe they had power to do something, but in the end, nothing ever really got accomplished.  Not this time!  Now I feel like I'm that former high school athlete who always wanted to go back in time and replay that championship game - but this time come out on the victorious team because he catches the game-winning touchdown pass.  Maybe this time someone will actually agree with my theme for the prom.  Oh - you think kindergarteners can't have a Prom?  Like I said before - things will be different this time.

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