Tuesday, March 1, 2011

School auction

No - we're not auctioning off a school.  It's that time of the year when schools in our area (Private and Public) are gearing up for their annual big fundraising event.

This is something new to my family.  I don't think my local public school had large fundraising programs in place that got the parents involved.  Of course this would have been quite a while ago in small town South Texas and it might have actually happened - but I don't remember it.  (I do remember selling magazine subscriptions for the band to help buy new uniforms.) Yes - I was in the band (back when it was cool to be in the band).  Yes - there was a time when it was cool to be in the band.

Anyway..now days, elementary schools have year round campaigns to augment all types of programs and teacher salaries.  Caden's school has their annual campaign geared primarily towards scholarships and teacher development.  Someone actually said to me, "why do you have to raise more money when your tuition is so high?"  It's been a lesson for me also.  Having a student teacher ratio of 7:1 costs money - and even more than the annual tuition covers.  I can see why these fundraising programs are so important to the local public schools since their government funds are constantly being cut (and they aren't even expecting such a low student/teacher ratio).

I've somehow gotten very involved in Caden's school's big event.  I think I mentioned one time before that I'm trying to act all eager and involved this first year - so I won't feel obligated as much in later years.  Do the math - he's just in Preschool and this school goes through High School.  That means the potential of 13 more years of volunteering.   (oops - I began a sentence with "that"...my blog - my grammar.)

Just my two cents...

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