Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A couple of rants...

Run Newt Run!
Please do everything you can to encourage Newt Gingrich to run for President.  I want him to be asked this question every day of his campaign.
"Since you fooled around on your first two wives and are now on your third marriage, do you think you should be legally allowed to get married a fourth time?"  (since marriage is so sacred and all)

I'm sure you've read the story today about the NPR executive commenting on Tea Partiers being racist, etc...  Stupid thing for her to say.  I'm not saying what she said was incorrect - but come on lady - you have to know you can't get away with saying it in your position.  She resigns and the calls for NPR Federal funding to be stopped grow louder.  I love my NPR but what very few of the gripes are addressing is that NPR's Federal dollars account for only 2% of their operating budget.  Yes - 2% - not even 20%.  I just wish that people complaining about this would use actual facts when discussing it.

The federal dollars they receive are generally in the form of grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting - which received $420,000,000 from the federal government in FY 2010.   That's a big chunk of money and is a legitimate budget expenditure that should at least be allowed to be discussed when talking where to cut money in the Federal budget.  I'm sure they do great work - but come on - $420 million dollars?  They could take a cut of some sort.  How about starting with the grants to NPR?

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