Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back again...

Whatever happened to the original idea of writing everyday in this here bloggy thing?  Maybe one day it will begin appearing on a more regular schedule - but for now here's some more musings (or as some of you might call it - "drivel").

Any correlation to the fact that Obama's administration filed a brief with the US Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage on the same day as the Pope officially stepped down as President of the World Corporation of the Catholic Church? (for my Catholic friends here...before you read further...please note that I will be critical of the CEO of the "corporation"...not your personal religious belief or faith - unless you believe in the same things I will be attributing to the Pope)

I honestly don't think Obama planned it this way - but I did like the timing.  This particular CEO of the Catholic corporation has said some disgusting things over the years about me and my family.  "Intrinsically disordered" comes to mind first and he has also thrown in the word "evil".  I'll at least admit that he did change the "intrinsically disordered" comment to "somewhat intrinsically disordered". Although, can you truly be "somewhat intrinsically disordered"?  Isn't it an all or nothing condition?  He also has stated publicly to his legions of listeners that same-sex marriage will destroy the very essence of the human creature and is a "threat to world peace."  Really?  I could possibly have that much power if Kevin and I get access to each other's Social Security benefits (which is one of the things marriage licenses actually do)?

These statements are just words technically and have no legal bearing, but after watching the media reports the past week about his departure, I realized once again just how many people think this man is worth listening to.  I can only say "good riddance"!

Anyway...this is all coming from a man who has shielded pedophiles for years.  Why aren't people screaming in the streets for him to be arrested.  Is he still maintaining diplomatic immunity?  Don't even get me started on the white dress and red Dorothy slippers he wore everyday.  He's too old to continue being a "closet-case".

Enough on that...

Speaking of religion...as I've mentioned before, I consider myself Agnostic (look up the definition if you don't know...I'm tired of explaining it to people).  Caden on the other hand does not like the idea of saying "I don't know".  Typical 7 year old.  He says I have to choose between believing in some sort of religious practice - or not believing any of it.  He has chosen to say he doesn't believe.  I've tried  to let him know that he might have different experiences in the course of his life that will convince him to change that thought and it's OK.  He's not buying it.  Of course he does believe that if you lose one of your teeth on  a weekend, the tooth fairy will leave $2 under your pillow instead of the $1 you get for a weekday tooth loss.  The idea of the "immaculate conception" is just too absurd for him I guess.

We head out of town soon for two weeks in SE Asia.  Looking forward to Thailand and Cambodia.  Who knows...maybe I'll try this bloggy thing from there.

And have I mentioned lately how happy I am that Obama is still our President?

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