Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's happening....right before our eyes

Marriage Equality that is...

I can't even say "slowly but surely" anymore.  The last few weeks have shown progress that was unheard of just two years ago.  Yes - it's happening in State legislatures and quickly being signed by those states Governors.  I expect more states to follow suit in the next few weeks.

Do you notice what is happening once the Governors sign their new legislation?  Of course, you can't help but hear the the whoops and hollers from the supporters and the boos from the typical naysayers, but do you notice anything else?.  I'm talking about the "nothing" that results from this change in policy.  No earthquakes, no falling sky, and no heterosexual marriages falling apart at the seams (oh - those are still happening, but that's nothing new).  

It's just a bunch of new people being able to finally take part in the rights and responsibilities of marriage.  Period.

They are panicking (new subject now).   The Republican Party that is...

They know they have no one who can win a national election and have to resort to fabricating a controversy to tear Hillary Clinton down.  I'm not even sure Hillary is the best candidate for the job at this time - but the Republican hierarchy must think she is or they wouldn't be going into hysterics to bring her down so early in the 2016 Sweepstakes.

When the Republican party can show that they are interested in governing as a truly fiscally responsible party (as in paying for wars they start) along with having the ability to recognize my family as an equal member of society, I'll give them a look.  Until then, they're just continuing to be a hypocritical and dying organization. 

Seque (pronounced "segway")...I tried to think of an appropriate one - but I couldn't...

Remember when watching American Idol was something that everyone did on Wednesday and Thursday nights?  Don't know you used to watch it.  Anyway...we haven't watched it for years here, but have found it for the final week the last few years.  My point to all of this is...that Candice girl...Wow!

That's all my rambling for the night...

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