Monday, April 25, 2011


Because that's what I do best.  I would like to think one day I could be a "pontificator" - but for now I'll have to settle for rambling.

The Donald...give it up Don.  Yes - it's gotten you tons of publicity and any publicity is good for someone with your ego - but can you find another way to get it besides this "birther" issue?  The few other things I've heard you comment on are at least entertaining.  For instance, when you said you would call up OPEC and tell them "it's over " regarding the price of oil.  Expand on that one please.  Who knew it would only take a phone call from you?

DOMA defense...just today the law firm that was going to handle the case for the U.S. Congress backed out of the case.  This was the firm picked by John Boehner with a nifty $500,000 retainer paid for by us.  I could get technical about this news item but instead I'm going to ask this simple question.  How would you have liked to go through school as a kid with the last name "Boehner"?  You know people didn't pronounce it "Bayner".  Get my drift?

William and of the century?  You know what I love about being gay?  Tonight I kept switching between the Trailblazers game and a pre-wedding special about the two of them.  Only a gay man can get away with admitting that.  I will pass on watching the "Wild about Prince Harry" special coming on later tonight.  I still have my pride.

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