Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea Party Loon and Breasts

One more post before I take a break...

Hey Tea Party folks - if you want to be considered credible - call out one of your standard bearers when she acts like - well - I think the word idiot would be too generous.

I swear I'm not making this stuff up.  Michele Bachman (U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota) is either suffering from an inability to make coherent statements or she is just mad that a black man is President - or maybe she's a total loon.

To make a long story short...Michelle Obama is promoting healthy lifestyles for kids.  (How dare she!)  She made a simple comment encouraging "breast feeding" and also mentioned the new IRS rule that allows breast pumps to be deducted as medical expenses.  (How dare she!)  Congresswoman Bachman (yes - people really voted for her) has taken these simple (and not really newsworthy) statements and turned them into another example of the government taking control of your life.  (It's that same government that is forcing you to choose your own doctor.)  She actually refers to it as a "Nanny State".

According to Bachman's logic - a tax deduction opportunity for those who choose to buy a breast pump - is the government exerting too much influence over it's citizens.  Tea Party folks love this woman.  (and so do I - because she led me to this post tonight - and the follow up below.)  It's like she lives in opposite land.

Speaking of breast feeding...Really...This needs to be encouraged?  Have you ever heard a woman say, "Breast feeding is so comfortable and fun?"  I know I'm a male and obviously can't relate - but maybe I actually can.  My 5 year old son has NEVER been breast fed.  I mean NEVER - and he is the healthiest kid that I have ever seen (so far).  He has NEVER been sick.  NEVER spit up or thrown up.  NEVER had a fever.  A couple of weeks ago I thought he did - but I was wrong.  Do you want me to go on?  I've heard a few sniffles hear and there - but that's it.  Sorry - teething doesn't count as illness.  Yes - we had that.

I'm sure that breast feeding is not a bad thing and can't harm - but if it hurts so much and causes such stress - and a woman has access to formula - use the formula.

Getting back to my original point...once again, I should be the one mad at the government for giving a tax deduction to some parents and not to me - just because I can't breast feed.  Maybe we all live in opposite land.

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