Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I went into this venture thinking I would be able to produce interesting and witty musings at the drop of a hat.  My cleverness obviously does not appear every day.  That's probably a good thing because as Caden reads this in future years,  I don't want him thinking he has to compete with my prose.  (If that even makes sense.)

The point is that some days I'm just not that interesting.  I was going to write a great piece on the uprising and Mubarek's fall in Egypt - but I didn't know where to begin.  I'm still trying to figure out who's in charge.  Supposedly the military is and the entire government has been disbanded.  Just how does that work?  I will be following the events and will let you know.

I was also going to write about my apathy towards Valentines Day - but thought it would be too grinch like.  But really - people celebrate a day to tell others that they love them?  Shouldn't that be Sunday through Saturday of EVERY WEEK?  If you want to buy your loved one flowers and candy on August 15th - you should do it and not be a lemming and fall in line with all of the other pedestrians.  Oh - I guess I did just write about my apathy (or questioning the purpose) for Valentines Day.  If you make a big deal out of it - you are a lemming.  Celebrate the day you met your loved one.  That's the day that probably set into motion the events that changed your life.
ONE EXCEPTION - get your kid a Valentines card and cards for their classmates.  If you don't - they will be heartbroken at school and my apathy for the celebration should not be held over kids.

All of this being said - I spent yesterday morning at Caden's classroom making "Friendship French Toast" in honor of Valentines Day - and loved every minute of it.

I'm taking a break for a week to go skiing - or as is the case - to watch Caden ski past me.

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