Friday, January 3, 2014

"The Good Old Times"

Or better known as "Auld Lang Syne"...that familiar tune ringing in the New Year...

And what a year of good times it was!  Politically, socially, and personally, the hits kept coming.  Never in my lifetime did I think I would see a sitting President publicly state his support for same-sex marriage.  Oh - I thought the issue would keep gaining momentum in the right direction as it has been doing for the past few years - but not nearly as quickly as it has since our President made such a simple  statement in 2013.  The opposing side on this issue has lost.  Surely they will let it go now (along with the "Right to Choose" issue) if they ever expect to win a national election again.

The U.S. Supreme Court even weighed in on the issue and ruled (correctly) on DOMA along with overturning Prop 8 in California.  Wham! Bam!  It was almost hard to keep up with all the positive rulings between courts (along with actual state voters).  Lost in all of the coverage was the fact that my partner (of almost 18 years) and I might actually have the chance to partake of these rulings IN OUR LIFETIME.

You better watch what you ask for...because one day you just might get it.  On December 11, 2013 we drove 20 minutes away to Vancouver, Washington and stood in front of our son and a few other people (witnesses) and became a LEGALLY married couple.  It was a simple 10 minute event where we expressed our love to each other, exchanged rings and vows, and then signed a piece of paper to make it all "proper".  Our son will grow up knowing that his parents are just like everyone else's married parents (legally that is).  That's all the court battles and votes were ever about...being treated just like everyone else.  (and just one final note to the "losing" side on this issue.  Our son and all of his friends and every "young" person we come in contact with has expressed their support and congratulations on our marriage.)  Do I need to make this any clearer?

Since I've made this post pretty political, I might as well end on this note...

Hey President Obama... love you for your support of my family and all the other good things you have done...but I have to say...
Affordable Care Act rollout...WTF?!?!

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