Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We hardly Newt ya...

I had practically forgotten that he was still in the race for the Republican nomination, but Newt Gingrich finally called it quits today.  The blowhard of all blowhards ran out of cash (or at least other people's cash) .  I imagine that Calista made it clear that she didn't want them to keep dipping into their personal funds to pursue something they both knew just wasn't going to happen.

Remember those days of watching a stage full of loons provide us with hours of entertainment during their debates?  It seems like a lifetime ago.  I know at one point I was adamant about the fact that Rick Perry would become the nominee.  I even think I came around at one point and had to admit to the inevitability of Newt carrying the banner this Fall.  (Oh how I hoped that would have been the case - just for the turmoil it would have created within the Republican party alone.)

But it just won't happen now.  The numbers pretty much point to Mitt carrying the banner now.  Did you notice Newt's "support" for Mitt?  It was basically, "vote for Mitt because he's not Barack".  It doesn't exactly get you on your feet applauding.

and on another note...We have First Grade orientation tomorrow night.  It's for the parents to meet the First Grade teachers.  How did I get to the point in my life where I'm going to a First Grade orientation for a child of mine.

Maybe it's just luck.  I'll gladly take it!

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